Scott® Essential Proprietary System Hard Roll Towels

​​Product Description:
Scott Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. You have more important things to think about than paper towels, so you can trust Scott Essential Hard Roll Paper Towels with Absorbency Pockets. With the new paper design, our paper towel is Unmistakably Scott branded so you’ll be recognized for providing the most well-known restroom brand in your facility.
  • 6 Scott Essential Hard Roll Paper Towel Rolls / Case, 950′ / Roll, 5,700′ / Case; 1.75″ Core; White
  • The new Elevated Scott® Design is preferred 4 to 1 and provides an Unmistakably Scott® restroom experience.
  • Scott Essential paper towels include unique Absorbency Pockets, which soak up water fast and may result in less waste (guests will need fewer towels)
  • Meets EPA minimum requirements for post-consumer waste
        FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and EcoLogo certified and            compostable.
AUTOMOTIVE                     FOOD INDUSTRY               LABORATORY                HEALTH AND SECURITY


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